Wednesday, September 9, 2020

True Love leads to Detachment

Sri Krishna says, “Look at Me, Arjuna! If I stop from work for one moment, the whole universe will die. I have nothing to gain from work; I am the one Lord, but why do I work? Because I love the world.” God is unattached because He loves; that real love makes us unattached. Wherever there is attachment, the clinging to the things of the world, you must know that it is all physical attraction between sets of particles of matter — something that attracts two bodies nearer and nearer all the time and, if they cannot get near enough, produces pain; but where there is real love, it does not rest on physical attachment at all. Such lovers may be a thousand miles away from one another, but their love will be all the same; it does not die, and will never produce any painful reaction. (I,58-59)

One of the most attractive and practical portion in Vivekananda literature is Karma Yoga. The Karma Yoga enunciated by Sri Krishna in Bhagavat Gita was taken up by Swamiji, made more relevant and practical and was made the foundation for his ideal of “Man making and nation building”. Love has its role to play as in every field of human activity. When actively engaged in work, unselfish though it may be, there are many possibilities of rubbings and frictions. To reduce their impact and even to totally eradicate them love has a great role to play. Swamiji says ‘the wheels of Karma can roll smoothly only when oiled with love’. How love can enhance dignity of work and lead it to freedom and detachment are wonderfully illustrated in the life of Sri Krishna. Sri Ramakrishna was an embodiment of perfect love and in him we can find the  utmost  in detachment.

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