Monday, October 12, 2020

Love God and Serve Humanity

But theorising about God will not do; we must love and work. Give up the world and all worldly things, especially while the “plant” is tender. Day and night think of God and think of nothing else as far as possible. The daily necessary thoughts can all be thought through God. Eat to Him, drink to Him, sleep to Him, see Him in all. Talk of God to others; this is most beneficial.

Get the mercy of God and of His greatest children; these are the two chief ways to God. The company of these children of light is very hard to get; five minutes in their company will change a whole life; and if you really want it enough, one will come to you. The presence of those who love God makes a place holy, “such is the glory of the children of the Lord.” They are He; and when they speak, their words are scriptures. The place where they have been becomes filled with their vibrations, and those going there feel them and have a tendency to become holy also.“To such lovers there is no distinction of caste, learning, beauty, birth, wealth, or occupation; because all are His.” (VII, 9)

Explaining Narada Bhakti Sutra further to his disciples at Thousand Island Park Swamiji explained  familiar ideas like love, renunciation, devotion, Bhakti, God’s blessings, etc. helping them discover newer and newer vistas to elevate the same feelings. Reviewing these familiar ideas in the light of the teachings from Sanatana Dharma, they learned to take flights to greater spiritual heights. It was indeed a new experience for most of them. Even though these words were spoken more than hundred years ago they still carry the aroma of experience and the penetrating  power of Truth. That speaks for the ever living freshness of Truth and the speaker’s total absorption in it. 

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