Sunday, November 1, 2020

The Singular Power of Prana

Today we find wonderful discoveries of modern science coming upon us like bolts from the blue, opening our eyes to marvels we never dreamt of. But many of these are only re-discoveries of what had been found ages ago. It was only the other day that modern science found that even in the midst of the variety of forces there is unity. It has just discovered that what it calls heat, magnetism, electricity, and so forth, are all convertible into one unit force, and as such, it expresses all these by one name, whatever you may choose to call it. But this has been done even in the Samhita; old and ancient as it is, in it we meet with this very idea of force I was referring to. All the forces, whether you call them gravitation, or attraction, or repulsion, whether expressing themselves as heat, or electricity, or magnetism, are nothing but the variations of that unit energy. Whether they express themselves as thought, reflected from Antahkarana, the inner organs of man, or as action from an external organ, the unit from which they spring is what is called PrĂ¢na. (III, 398 – 399)

The above lines have been taken from Swamiji’s famous lecture on Vedanta delivered on 12th November 1897 at Lahore College. Swamiji spoke on the progress made by science dealing with the internal and external ‘nature’. In this particular talk he cleared the thoughts on the origin of the various forces in the universe and the unity that exists amidst them. Modern Science has started   thinking about the possibility of unification of forces only recently. But Indian Rishis (Scientists) have made such discoveries much much earlier. This unification has finally taken them to what is called prana.  

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