Friday, July 31, 2020

Dare to Practise Truth

Stand up, men and women, in this spirit, dare to believe in the Truth, dare to practice the Truth! The world requires a few hundred bold men and women. Practise that boldness which dares know the Truth, which dares show the Truth in life, which does not quake before death, nay, welcomes death, makes a man know that he, is the Spirit, that, in the whole universe, nothing can kill him. Then you will be free. Then you will know your real soul. (II, 85)
Our freedom becomes complete only when we know our real nature. This “Atman is first to be heard then thought about and then meditated upon”. This knowledge of Self should cover every aspect of our life. Only then can we distinguish between Truth and untruth.

The present generation is losing its thinking power. One way to regain that power is to hear about spiritual subjects and contemplate upon them. The first step in this direction is satsanga. We waste so much time in front of visual media which has immense potential to rob us of our thinking faculty. 

Elders must teach the children to use the media with discrimination.If children are taught lessons in meditation, concentration, tolerance, etc. thinking capacity will be enhanced in them.

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