Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Seek the Jeeva of Jeevas

The whole of nature is worship of God. Wherever there is life, there is this search for freedom and that freedom is the same as God. Necessarily this freedom gives us mastery over all nature and is impossible without knowledge. The more we are knowing, the more we are becoming masters of nature. Mastery alone is making us strong and if there be some being entirely free and master of nature, that being must have a perfect knowledge of nature, must be omnipresent and omniscient. Freedom must go hand in hand with these, and that being alone who has acquired these will be beyond nature.

Blessedness, eternal peace, arising from perfect freedom, is the highest concept of religion underlying all the ideas of God in Vedanta — absolutely free Existence, not bound by anything, no change, no nature, nothing that can produce a change in Him. This same freedom is in you and in me and is the only real freedom.

God is still, established upon His own majestic changeless Self. You and I try to be one with Him, but plant ourselves upon nature, upon the trifles of daily life, on money, on fame, on human love, and all these changing forms in nature which make for bondage. When nature shines, upon what depends the shining? Upon God and not upon the sun, nor the moon, nor the stars. Wherever anything shines, whether it is the light in the sun or in our own consciousness, it is He. He shining, all shines after Him. (I, 337)

…………When we try to understand God in this way we would discover His power behind everything we do. Everything happens according to His will and pleasure. Our life is dependent on the Self within. Till we learn to find God in everything, evil will surround us. One must learn to love and worship Him even in grief and sin. One way to hold on to oneness is to practise same–sightedness.
First and foremost learn to give up inferiority complex. 
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        Then learn to see Him in everybody–in the hands that work, in the feet that walk, through the mouths that eat. Cultivate the feeling that  He is your nearest and closest. This is true religious belief. It is this feeling of oneness wth the universe that makes us immortal. Modern physics emphasises this oneness. When belittling thoughts and feelings disappear from the mind we become conscious that we are essentially universal. All religions lead us towards this ultimate goal though the language of the teachers may be different. By using language only as an instrument to seek Truth, all differences and barriers disappear

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