Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Expansion of Mind and its Control

Each tendency shows the life-work of the past, the line or radius along which that man must move. All radii lead to the centre. Never even attempt to disturb anyone’s tendencies; to do that puts back both teacher and taught. When you teach Jnana, you must become a Jnani and stand mentally exactly where the taught stands. Similarly in every other Yoga. Develop every faculty as if it were the only one possessed, this is the true secret of so-called harmonious development. That is, get extensity with intensity, but not at its expense. We are infinite. There is no limitation in us, we can be as intense as the most devoted Mohammedan and as broad as the most roaring atheist.

The way to do this is not to put the mind on any one subject, but to develop and control the mind itself; then you can turn it on any side you choose. Thus you keep the intensity and extensity. Feel Jnana as if it were all there was, then do the same with Bhakti, with Raja (-Yoga), with Karma. Give up the waves and go to the ocean, then you can have the waves as you please. Control the “lake” of your own mind, else you cannot understand the lake of another’s mind. (VII, 98 – 99)

Real teacher is one who can enter into the mind of the disciple and using his will power bring about transformations within. For this, the teacher must have a mind enriched with sympathy and understanding.

The teacher has to first  find out the reason why the disciple has  wrong impressions of the world. Only then can the teacher work to rectify the wrong impressions and substitute  them with highly positive impressions based on pure knowledge.   

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