Monday, December 7, 2020

Who is a true Jnani, and who is a true Bhakta?

Q.- Who is a true Jnani, and who is a true Bhakta?

A.- The true Jnani is he who  has the deepest love within his  heart and at the same time is a practical seer of Advaita in his outward relations.And the true Bhakta (lover) is he who, realising his own soul as identified with the universal Soul, and thus possessed of the true Jnana within, feels  for and loves everyone. Of Jnana and Bhakti he who advocates one and denounces the other cannot be either a Jnani or a  Bhakta but he is a thief and a cheat.

Q.-Why should a man serve Ishvara?

A.-If  you once admit that there is such a thing as Ishwara (God), you have numberlessoccasionsto serve Him.Service of the Lordmeans according to all the scriptural  authorities, remembrance (Smarana). If you believe in the existence of God, you will be reminded of Him at every step of your life. (V, 318)

Clarifying the difference between a jnani and a bhakta Swamiji further adds that karma means either service to humanity or preaching. To real preaching, no doubt, none has the right except the Siddhapurusha. But to service every one has the right and not only so, but every one is under obligation to serve others, so long as he is accepting service from others. 

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