Sunday, December 13, 2020

Qualities of a Guru

The Guru is not a man who twists and tortures texts 

        “Different ways of throwing out words, different ways of explaining texts of the scriptures, these are for the enjoyment of the learned, not for freedom.” Shrotriya, he who knows the secret of the Shrutis, Avrijina, the sinless, and Akâmahata, unpierced by desire — he who does not want to make money by teaching you — he is the Shânta, the Sâdhu, who comes as the spring which brings the leaves and blossoms to various plants but does not ask anything from the plant, for its very nature is to do good. It does good and there it is. Such is the Guru,

— “Who has himself crossed this terrible ocean of life, and without any idea of gain to himself, helps others also to cross the ocean.” This is the Guru, and mark that none else can be a Guru

(III, 346)

Continuing his description of a true Guru Swamiji quotes from the Upanishads “Themselves steeped in darkness, but in the pride of their hearts, thinking they know everything, the fools want to help others, and they go round and round in many crooked ways, staggering to and fro, and thus like the blind leading the blind, both fall into the ditch.” Thus say the Vedas……… 

…………..Go back to your old orthodoxy, for in those days every sound that came from these books, every pulsation, was out of a strong, steady, and sincere heart; every note was true………..

 Go back, go back to the old days when there was strength and vitality. Be strong once more, drink deep of this fountain of yore, and that is the only condition of life in India.

‘Guru’ is the most wonderful panacea discovered and gifted by the  Sanatana Dharma for the human beings who drown themselves again and again in the sea of samsar. The Guru is capable of absorbing all the defects of disciples and purifying them. The words Srotriya and Brahmanishta are the qualifications of the Guru which also indicate his knowledge and his capacity to practise and impart the same. The grand Indian spiritual tradition has been built up on the Guru-sishya parampara of transferring knowledge form generation to generation. 

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