Monday, August 17, 2020

Do Work without asking for a Reward

           It is the most difficult thing in this world to work and not care for the result, to help a man and never think that he ought to be grateful, to do some good work and at the same time never look to see whether it brings you name or fame, or nothing at all. Even the most arrant coward becomes brave when the world praises him. A fool can do heroic deeds when the approbation of society is upon him, but for a man to constantly do good without caring for the approbation of his fellow men is indeed the highest sacrifice man can perform (I, 42 – 43)

To do work without desiring results is very high renunciation. One has to train the mind to say ‘no’ to all the applause, praise and all thanks giving processes. One example is to show your right cheek when slapped on the left. Swamiji recollects how the great Pavahari Baba reacted to a thief who stole somethings from his ashram. 

When Baba came to know of this he carried the things left behind, ran after the thief and placing them at his feet begged him to accept these things also and bless him. Needless to add, that the thief gave up his habit and became a devotee of Baba. Similar instances are found in the lives of many great men all over the world. Swamiji’s words throw more light on such instances.

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