Monday, August 31, 2020

The unattached has no fear

….. only to selfishness comes fear. He who has nothing to desire for himself, whom does he fear, and what can frighten him? What fear has death for him? What fear has evil for him? So if we are Advaitists, we must think from this moment that our old self is dead and gone. The old Mr., Mrs., and Miss So-and-so are gone, they were mere superstitions, and what remains is the ever-pure, the ever-strong, the almighty, the all-knowing — that alone remains for us, and then all fear vanishes from us. Who can injure us, the omnipresent? 

All weakness has vanished from us, and our only work is to arouse this knowledge in our fellow beings. These doctrines are old, older than many mountains possibly. All truth is eternal. Truth is nobody’s property; no race, no individual can lay any exclusive claim to it. 

Truth is the nature of all souls. Who can lay an, special claim to it? But it has to be made practical, to be made simple (for the highest truths are always simple), so that it may penetrate every pore of human society, and become the property of the highest intellects and the commonest minds, of the man, woman, and child at the same time. All these ratiocinations of logic, all these bundles of metaphysics, all these theologies and ceremonies may have been good in their own time, but let us try to make things simpler and bring about the golden days when every man will be a worshipper, and the Reality in every man will be the object of worship. (II, 357 – 358)

Truly there is no place for selfishness in life. Selfishness is an uninvited guest who has managed to enter our house due to our ignorance and negligence.  The more you entertain it the more will it be difficult to send it away. Every religion extols the glory of unselfishness. To achieve it the path lies through renunciation and service. Vedanta describes the spiritual principle behind unselfishness. We should be able to eradicate selfishness totally in the light of vedantic vision of Oneness. Otherwise there is a likelihood of our slipping down in our spiritual progress. Our puranas are full of illustrations of such falls which have happened to many a great seeker and deprived them of their final acheivement.

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