Friday, August 7, 2020

What is Karma?

Like fire in a piece of flint, knowledge exists in the mind; suggestion is the friction which brings it out. So with all our feelings and action — our tears and our smiles, our joys and our griefs, our weeping and our laughter, our curses and our blessings, our praises and our blames — every one of these we may find, if we calmly study our own selves, to have been brought out from within ourselves by so many blows. The result is what we are. All these blows taken together are called Karma — work, action. 

        Every mental and physical blow that is given to the soul, by which, as it were, fire is struck from it, and by which its own power and knowledge are discovered, is Karma, this word being used in its widest sense. Thus we are all doing Karma all the time. I am talking to you: that is Karma. You are listening: that is Karma. We breathe: that is Karma. We walk: Karma. Everything we do, physical or mental, is Karma, and it leaves its marks on us. (I, 28 – 29)

Only in our Karmabhumi Bharat, has work, its origin, the full implications of the impressions that it leaves behind in our minds, the indepth meaning of fruit of action, etc., have been studied and researched upon so intensively and extensively. Out of these studies emerged the Science of Karma Yoga. 

        The ideals of Karma yoga which were so grandly propounded by Sri Krishna in Bhagavat Gita were  fully validated  by Swamiji and elaborated rationally and scientifically in his wonderful book on Karma Yoga. Every Indian, eager to grow and expand his/her personality must understand atleast the fundamentals of Karma Yoga. It’s a matter of great satisfaction that very many present daty management Gurus are learning these principles and effectively implementing  them in their work.  

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