Monday, August 10, 2020

We create our own world

Each man manufactures a world for himself. If a blind man begins to think of the world, it is either as soft or hard, or as cold or hot. We are a mass of happiness or misery; we have seen that hundreds of times in our lives. As a rule, the young are optimistic and the old pessimistic. The young have life before them; the old complain their day is gone; hundreds of desires, which they cannot fulfil struggle in their hearts. Both are foolish ……………………………………………

Yet we must do good; the desire to do good is the highest motive power we have, if we know all the time that it is a privilege to help others. (I, 75 – 76)

The way we look at the world depends on our mental state and accordingly it appears good or bad. Essentially it is neither good nor bad. Fire by nature is neither  good  nor bad. When it gives comfortable warmth we praise it but if it burns us we find fault with it. It depends on how we make use of the fire. The same is true of the world. As it is, the world is aptly suitable for the purpose for which it is created. Even without us the world will progress by itself. 

Keeping this awareness in mind, setting aside selfish motivations, with deep humility we should go on serving others, because that is a sure way to manifest the Divinity within us.

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