Thursday, August 13, 2020

Work unfolds Knowledge through Purification of the Mind


Work purifies the heart and so leads to Vidyâ (wisdom). The Buddhists said, doing good to men and to animals were the only works; the Brahmins said that worship and all ceremonials were equally “work” and purified the mind. Shankara declares that “all works, good and bad, are against knowledge”. Actions tending to ignorance are sins, not directly, but as causes, because they tend to increase Tamas and Rajas. With Sattva only, comes wisdom. Virtuous deeds take off the veil from knowledge, and knowledge alone can make us see God.

Knowledge can never be created, it can only be discovered; and every man who makes a great discovery is inspired. Only, when it is a spiritual truth he brings, we call him a prophet; and when it is on the physical plane, we call him a scientific man, and we attribute more importance to the former, although the source of all truth is one. (Vol VII - 39)

As a soul man is ever liberated. 
As man he is bound
. As a man he is a machine yearning for freedom. A wonderful body and mind are the assets of that machine. When the mind gets rooted in knowledge, all works lead to purification of the mind. Good works open the road to knowledge while evil deeds lead to increased tamas and rajas resulting in avidya. In everyone of us there is a treasure chest of knowledge. But when the mind is filled with ignorance or avidya, it is difficult to find the key to open the treasure chest.  Good advice from a Guru helps to find the key to open this treasure chest.

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