Monday, August 3, 2020

Renunciation - the First Step to Spirituality

In the presence of my Master I found out that man could be perfect, even in this body. Those lips never cursed anyone, never even criticised anyone. Those eyes were beyond the possibility of seeing evil, that mind had lost the power of thinking evil. He saw nothing but good. That tremendous purity, that tremendous renunciation is the one secret of spirituality. “Neither through wealth, nor through progeny, but through renunciation alone, is immortality to be reached”, say the Vedas. “Sell all that thou hast and give to the poor, and follow me”, says the Christ. 

        So all great saints and Prophets have expressed it, and have carried it out in their lives. How can great spirituality come without that renunciation? 
Renunciation is the background of all religious thought wherever it be, and you will always find that as this idea of renunciation lessens, the more will the senses creep into the field of religion, and spirituality will decrease in the same ratio. (IV, 183-184)

In all his talks about his great Master Sri Ramkrishna Swamiji emphasised about his great power of renunciation. Behind all spiritual achievements lies the power of tyaga. ‘Tyageneke amritatwamanasu’ is the central theme of Upanishads.

Mahatma Gandhi and Vinobha Bhave are two classical examples of the power of renunciation from modern Indian History. To come out of the octopus grip of materialism there is no better safety belt than renunciation. India has glorified herself throughout ages thanks to the glorious lives of renunciation led by her illustrious children.

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